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How to Use Species Information

The wood flooring you are looking at on this website, if solid construction, is made 100% from this species of wood If it was made in an engineered format, then the upper wear layer only is likely made from this species of wood. The information on this species page is offered as a service to better educate prospective buyers about the wood they are buying and represents decades of our experience and knowledge of these woods when used in flooring. On this page you will find only GENERAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION about this wood species. Please note that ONLY on the flooring page will you find the detailed information as to which specific grade, graining and surface treatment, and finish and stain colors have been used/selected for the actual wood flooring you are looking at.

Species Information

Flooring Trade Name
Botanical Name
Lumber Name
Grows In


Color Range & Color Changes

Color Range
Color Change

View Color Properties Chart below to compare this species with other species:
Color Properties Chart

View Photo Page for photos of the typical color range & change to be expected: Photo Page


is 0% as hard as red oak ( 0 on the Janka scale vs. 1260 for red oak ).
For hardness comparisons to additional species, please go to: Species Hardness

Where to Use


Access the proper Installation Instructions below for the flooring format you've chosen this species in:

Installation Instructions

Special Characteristics / Issues Specific to this Species

None known at this time. For additional information, see: WFI's Wood Properties Chart on the WFI Downloads page.
Finish Issues
(For site sanding/
finishing only)
None known at this time. See: Finish Recommendations on the WFI Downloads page before commencing any site finishing.
Safety / Allergic
Reaction Issues)
None known at this time. See Material Safety for safety issues with wood dust.
Other Characteristics /
Issues Specifid to
this Species
None known at this time. See Feedback / Silky Ash on the Site Map to see what others have experienced with this species.


Additional Technical Information on this species can be accessed from the links below:
U.S. Forest Products Laboratory - Only
U.S. Forest Products Laboratory - to access all species

Species Technical Chart for

Flooring Trade Name
Botanical Name
Lumber Trade Name
Geographic Origin
Grows In
Color Properties
Color Description
Color Variability
Color Fastness
Color Tone
Moisture Related
Flooring Trade Name
Gann Meta Setting/
Red Oak Correction
Shrinkage Coefficient
Flat Sawn
Straight Grain
Other Properties
Where to Use
Finish Issues
Shrinkage Coefficient
Indent Tests
Flat Sawn
Straight Grain

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