About EcoTimber

An EcoTimber flooring is more than just beautiful wood, cork or bamboo floors. Since 1992, EcoTimber has been a leading proponent of sustainability in the sourcing of our wood, cork and bamboo flooring and in utilizing finishes and glues that minimizes adverse impact on indoor air quality and health. You can trust that an EcoTimber floor, no matter which one you choose, satisfies the highest environmental and health standards.

From EcoTimber’s inception in 1992, we have led the industry with many “firsts,” including pioneering the development of FSC-certified wood flooring, no added urea-formaldehyde bamboo flooring, and more. EcoTimber has always sourced renewable, responsibly-harvested materials such as bamboo, cork and wood from certified well-managed forests. Throughout our history, we have also been committed to using the safest glues, finishes and binders available. All of our wood and bamboo products utilize no added urea-formaldehyde glues and all of our solid cork tiles use no added formaldehyde binders.

At EcoTimber we are committed to making public all available information on our flooring products: the provenance of our raw materials, where each product is made, the chemistry of the glues and finishes we use, etc.